Tam grads launch clothing brand in Marin City


By Joe Laland

Abercrombie, Gucci and Calvin Klein are some of the top clothing lines in the world. However, the newest fashion giant could have its origins in Marin. Redey3 Clothing LLC is a brand new clothing company taking off in Marin City, started by four Tam alumni: Lorenzo “Zo” Bynum, Marcus Jenkins, Melvin Judson and Marcus Mason. Right now, Redey3 is selling fashionable sweaters and cardigans for men and women, and is looking to expand operations.

More and more Tam students are wearing these jackets around campus. “I think they are very comfortable. And they can be fashionable in any weather, especially rain,” said junior Andre Shavers.

Co-founder Lorenzo Bynum described how the company started.

“It’s just our lifestyle. We all enjoy fashion and we had to do something positive, not illegal.  We started up by each of us dropping 73 dollars and we bought a machine that started pressing sweaters.”

Right now, the jackets are being sold online and the company is trying to have them sold in Mill Valley skate and surf shop Proof Lab.

“Hopefully by mid-April we will be live and direct inside of Proof Lab. We are also marketing by word of mouth,” said Bynum. “The worst someone can say is no.”

But the employees of Redey3 are not its only promoters. Shavers tries to spread the word as well.

“I try and get as many sales as possible to all the schools in the Tam district. I also help by promoting the sweaters and cardigans on Twitter,” he said. “I promote because I want to see Zo and the others make it into the big time industry. I think what they’re doing is fantastic. They are some of my many role models.”

With the company’s roots close to Tam, many students want to help Redey3 succeed.  “It’s easy for people to support their company because they are active in their community and people want to show their support,” junior Ethan Rosenberg said.

“Our mission is to enlighten people in our community, to do something positive,” Bynum said.

“The ultimate goal for this company is to enrich young minds and convince them that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. But our number one goal, like any business, is money.”