Team students return to Tam

By Elizabeth Archer

Seven Team students returned to Tam this fall after a junior year spent participating in backpacking trips, community service and wilderness medicine education. The students volunteered and took three wilderness backpacking trips to the Sierras, Joshua Tree and the Lost Coast.

Seniors Emily Rostek, Adam Brier, Jess Rasmussen, Aidan McGuinness, Jeanne Sheperd, Justin Schmidt, Laney Eddington and Kira Collins were the eight students chosen from Tam last year (Rasmussen, Sheperd, and Schmidt are reporters for the Tam News). Collins chose to remain at Tamiscal for her senior year. “I’m adjusting pretty well. Luckily I went back to drama, and drama is such a community so I’m lucky to be involved in that,” Rostek said. “The hardest part about the transition is just not seeing my 23 best friends everyday […] Team is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done and it honestly changed who I am, how I view everything, and how I value the relationships and people around me.”