Hawk Talk: Hurricane Sandy

By Sonja Hutson

Post-tropical superstorm Sandy, one of the largest storms the northeast has seen, made landfall the night of Monday, October 19 around Atlantic City, New Jersey and over the past few days has impacted most of the eastern seaboard. The damage has been immense: 110 fatalities as of November 4, according to CNN. As recovery begins for the east coast, students express their shock and concern.

Luke Shepherd, senior

“I think it’s really crazy because all I’ve really heard is about New York and how they’re getting slammed by the hurricane. And they don’t ever get hurricanes, so it’s really bad. I don’t really know a lot about it.”

Kendall Islam, freshman

“I feel like it’s a really terrible storm, but I don’t understand how terrible it is, because I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Casey O’Brien, junior

“It’s just scary to have that happen on the eastern seaboard. Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans was awful, obviously, but it wasn’t a huge concentration of the population, so that’s why I feel Hurricane Sandy was much more scary.”