Hawk Talk: Apocalypse 2012

By Sophia Ellingson and Sonja Hutson

December 21, a date which happens to fall on Tam’s last day of finals before winter break, is the end of the ancient Mayan calendar. Many have interpreted this to mean that the world is coming to an end. The potential approaching apocalypse has been widely discussed by students. Some believe fervently in the tale, while others scorn it as pure fiction. Here, Tam students offer their thoughts on this daunting date.


ETHAN LAWRENCE , FRESHMAN: “I think everything seems like it leads up to this, which is bizarre. Also, the fact it’s on the last day of finals is really trippy, but I can’t imagine the world ending.”

JASON ZADOVSKY, JUNIOR:  “I feel that if [the apocalypse] does happen and we do all die, it’s okay because I’ve lived a successful life…but if we die before [school] that’s awesome because then I don’t have to take my finals!”


LANEY EDDINGTON, SENIOR:  “I think the apocalypse will come but I don’t think there’s a fated date. I think it’s a time when the human race will ultimately end itself by whatever means… I don’t think it’ll be zombies.”