The Authoritative Tam Dictionary: Volume One

Every locality is known for its unique jargon, and Tam is certainly no exception. Below you’ll find a handpicked collection of the words and phrases most frequently caught being casually mumbled around campus; parents and teachers, take note.

but•ter•y adj.

perfect, clean, good, or skillful: Mr. Fairbanks’ game-winning shot in the student-teacher game of knockout was so buttery.


but•ter n.

[Origin: the idea that putting butter on food makes it tastier and thus better.]


cakes n.

large gluteous maximus, buttocks of desire: You know that girl in Steinhart’s class? I’m tryna get there. She cakey.


cake•y adj.

[Origin: unknown.]

gig v.

to dance

Even after admin turned the lights on, I continued to gig at Homecoming this year.

[Origin: “jig”meaning lively folk music. Popularized by the vibrant Hyphy movement associated with Bay Area hip hop culture.]


juiced adj.

very enthusiastic and eager: All my friends are beyond juiced about February break.


to juice v.

[Origin: stems from prior meaning, “to drink alcohol heavily.”]

thirs•ty adj.

to classify a person with a specific desire to partake in sexual relations with a particular individual. That girl was all over me last night; she thirsty.

[Origin: prior meaning of “thirsty,” to have a quenchable desire]


murk v. (alt. sp.: merk)

to kill, murder, destroy, conquer, or beat, to put an end to something, in a strictly metaphorical sense: That physics test yesterday was hella hard. It totally murked me, bro.


murk•a•ble adj.

[Origin: unknown.]