New Mill Valley Location of Sol Food Holds Soft Open


By Randy Shapiro

On February 6, the Mill Valley location of Sol Food held their first soft opening for locals, including many Tam students. Free meal and drink coupons were passed out to many students just outside the school earlier in the day. The restaurant will include dine in, takeout, and delivery throughout southern marin including to Sausalito and Marin City.

“There was such a high demand [for Sol Food to open in Mill Valley].” said Tina Ford, an employee working during the promotion, “Mill Valley is such a great place in Marin. It’s sort of our way of expanding slowly while maintaining the quality that made Sol Food so popular in the first place.”

Customers were very satisfied with the food that they ordered. “[Sol Food] going to be the best part of Mill Valley” said junior Cameron Hall. “The ‘Bistec Sandwich’ is the best thing I have ever eaten,”said junior Sam Freund.

Sol Food officially opens on February 11th, and is located at 401 Miller Ave.