10 tips on getting a date

Holiday Season has just begun, and what could possibly be better than cuddling up next to your significant other, warming up aside the fireplace video being looped on your 50 inch HDTV in your Santa Snuggie while gorging yourselves with peppermint bark? Nothing, that’s what! Don’t have a “special someone” to spend far too much money on and gain 15 pounds in a month with? Don’t fret, just follow these 10 tips, and you’ll be smooching under the mistletoe in no time.

1. Junior Jazzy Gerraty said compliments are the way to a girls heart. “It’s kind of common sense, but guys don’t understand how much girls really appreciate compliments. A little goes a long way.”

2. “Don’t try to be cool,” said junior Kit Larson. “In all my experiences trying to act like you’re the s— doesn’t impress anyone. I know personally how ‘cool’ a girl is doesn’t make me like them more or less.”

3. Senior Danielle Torme believes it’s all about being genuine. “It might be cliché, but seriously just be yourself. If a girl or guy likes you when you’re acting like you’re someone else, then they don’t actually like you, which sucks for both you and them. Being open and honest is much more attractive to girls.”

4. A nice smile and laugh is all it takes for sophomore Merisa Dorit. “The thing I’m most attracted to in a guy is his smile. The more a guy smiles, the more likely I am going to be attracted to him.”

5. Senior Zander Fisher thinks confidence is the key. “You can’t be cocky, ‘cause girls really don’t like that. But you have to have just enough confidence in yourself, walk with your head up, don’t act like you think no one likes you. If you do think like that, then no one will.”

6. Be courageous. This tip is mostly for guys, but girls can learn from it as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these lines come out of a girl’s mouth: “Well I would TOTALLY get with him if he just asked!” and “I won’t make the first move. That’s just awkward.” Simply put, if you like a girl, just go for it. If you’ve already been talking to her, chances are she feels the same way but doesn’t want to feel vulnerable.

7. Manners matter. Guys, pull out that chair, put the napkin in your lap, open the door for her. Many girls think that the biggest turn off (or turn on, if your manners are good) are poor manners. Who wants to be intimate with someone who can’t be so courteous as to hold the door open for you, anyways? Ladies, you are mostly the benefactors of this tip, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t at fault either. No guy is going to want to stick around if you expect him to do everything for you. Show some appreciation; most times that’s all we need to be happy.

8. Dress to impress. I’m not saying you should bust out your tuxedo or prom dress to ask out that special person, but dress like you should be, or are desired. Don’t look “hella fly” or “slutilicious,” but dress with some class. Make yourself stand out from all the other guys or girls around you.

9. Halitosis = Lonerness. Unless you were recently cast in an Orbit commercial, you should probably make a quick stop by a convenience store and buy a mouth freshening device (gum, mints, spray, those little Post-it note looking things, etc.). How is the person you admire supposed to respond to you asking them on a date when all they can think about is the garlic bagel you ingested for breakfast?

10. Rejection is not your enemy. Have you ever opted out of asking someone out merely because you didn’t want them to say no? If you replied “no” to that question, you are the first person in the history of our planet. Everyone is afraid of rejection, but you won’t get anywhere without it. If they say no, so what? It’s a big sea, and there are plenty of other fish out there that you can catch. Good luck.

Written by Sam Vogel. This article originally appeared in the January 2010 issue.