Peer Resource and Special Ed Unite


By Hailey Miller

Peer Resource will continue their work with Michael Lovejoy’s Special Education class this school year. Every Wednesday and Friday for 45 minutes, these two groups combine to “build a social connection,” Peer Resource teacher Tim Morgan said.

“Sometimes they sit down and play board games, and just try to get that social interaction going,” Morgan said. “Some of them have actually become very good friends because of this program.”

Among the students in Special Education benefitting from this program is junior Jake Severin. “I like to hang out with the guys,” Severin said. “I like to make posters with them.”

Many Tam students not in Peer Resource also support the program.

“I think it’s a good idea that they are being supportive of everyone who goes to Tam, because the Special Education kids are part of the student body as well,” sophomore Lisa Mallet said. “I feel like sometimes they aren’t treated as such.”

Morgan feels that the program is opening up doors for more interactions.

“It’s just great to see how other students, [regardless of] what class they’re in, reach another group of students,” Morgan said. “I don’t know how often the Special Education students interact with the general education students, so it’s an opportunity for them to do that.”

According to Morgan, the purpose of Peer Resource working with special education kids is to build relationships.

“It’s great for everyone. The Peer Resource class is meant to help students. I feel like we are helping them. And I believe they are really helping the students in my class as well,” Morgan said. “It’s what our program is about.”