When Sophomores Descend


By Devon Stoeber

As we return to school after lunch— probably a little later than we should be if we had been hoping to get a good spot— we are hit with the realization that the closest parking spot is quite a walk from school.

I listen as the girls in the car with me complain about the lack of parking. “It’s all the new sophomore drivers,” one begins to say as another chimes in about how annoying it is, and joke about how we should slash their tires.

At first, I nod along and complain as we rush to make it to class on time, but as I think about it more, I begin to realize that we are giving these new drivers such a hard time for something that is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of their high school career.

Every student, faculty member, parent or visitor that has ever been to Tam knows that we really don’t have much when it comes to parking, and this situation affects students the most. When that time of year rolls around and the sophomores begin to get their drivers’ licenses, upperclassmen are quick to complain about the newly-licensed drivers who take up even more of the limited spaces.

Seniors do not have to worry about underclassmen taking over their parking spots because the back parking lot is reserved for them. However, once that fills up (and trust me, it does), all legal space on Almonte Boulevard is fair game for remaining seniors, juniors and now sophomores. I will admit that I have caught myself complaining about the lack of parking spaces and, although it isn’t the sophomores’ fault, will absentmindedly blame them for “taking our parking.” But in all actuality, is it really fair to complain when most of us were once in their shoes?

I see it all around me, like when a sophomore parks in a difficult spot before school and maybe has to straighten out a few times, or when a carload of sophomores pulls into your favorite spot at lunch, or even at Sunset. Everyone is ready to pounce and attack them, but for what? Doing exactly what everyone else did when they first got their licenses.

My word of advice to you new drivers: keep on driving until it is no longer fascinating and soon you will be asking someone else to drive instead of offering to.

Because when that time comes, you will no longer be new drivers, and the grade below you will soon fill that spot. And when they do, remember: you were in that position too.