Womyn’s Club Raises Awareness About Feminism


By Kyle Kearney

Seniors Helen Gallagher and Emily Tull founded the Womyn’s Club this year to bring together students who are interested in discussing women’s rights issues. “Our goal is to break the stigma behind what it means to be a feminist. Being a feminist means to promote basic equality among females and males socially, politically, and economically,” Tull said.

Gallagher and Tull were inspired to start the club when they realized how misunderstood feminism was at Tam.

“Last year, my government teacher [Bettina] Mow asked our class to raise their hands whether they believed they were a feminist and only about one fourth of the class did,” Tull said. According to a YouGov poll, only 20 percent of people identify as feminists, and 64 percent say that they are neutral on the subject.

GIRL POWER: Members of the Womyn’s club include (from left to right )freshman Francis Streitmann and seniors Helen Gallagher, Emily Malmquist, Jane Tull, Emily Tull, and Britt Haegglund. The club’s primary goal is to raise awareness about feminism. Photo by: Claire Donohue

“A lot of boys don’t consider themselves feminists because they believe that if you are a feminist, it means you are more feminine than other men. Many guys fear to be put down by other guys just for being a feminist,” sophomore Tommy Searle said.

The focus of the Womyn’s club is to educate people on equality and women’s rights issues, and change the way students think about feminism.

“Despite the name of the club, it is not just for women and girls. It is for all types of people. It is a school club promoting feminism and equality,” freshman club member Sam Novick said.

“I would say a solid nine to ten of my friends that are guys are feminists….because hopefully they all believe in equality,” sophomore Connor Barr said.

The Womyn’s Club also hopes to raise money and awareness for organizations involved with promoting women’s education and preventing domestic violence. The club is planning to invite several guest speakers to tutorial sessions in upcoming weeks.

All students are welcome to attend meetings, which are held at lunch every other Tuesday in social studies teacher Jennifer Dolan’s room 150 in Wood Hall.