Lapp to Teach Weight Training


By Haydn Wall

Physics teacher David Lapp will take on the role of weight training coach for the first time for the 2014-15 school year, in addition to his four physics classes. While in the past he has taken on a math class to fill the five-section requirement, this year the administration yielded to Lapp’s longstanding request to teach weight training. Increasing underclassman enrollment has led to more P.E. classes, and P.E. teachers can no longer accommodate a weight lifting class in their schedules.

Lapp has high hopes for the class. “I want to have everyone look at their participation as a way of improving. We’re going to have journals so they’ll have a record of their progress week by week,” Lapp said. “I’m hoping that at the end of it, it won’t just be that they just went and worked out, but they actually see some progress.”

Lapp also believes that the class doesn’t just have to be for athletes, stating that he hopes to “introduce students who maybe aren’t athletes but are just interested in giving it a go, and introduce them to something that they might find they have a lifelong passion for.”