Inside The Classroom and Out: Tam from the Perspective of African American Students


By Ra’Jahna’e Troupé and Isaac Cohen


Length: 0:46 minutes

The videos can be watched in sequence or browsed in any order.

We suggest that all viewers at least watch the Introduction and then the Transition to Tam video. It is a little over six minutes long and serves as a logical starting place and covers the widest breadth of material.

Transition to Tam

Length: 5:57 minutes

The transition from middle school to Tam has long been a focal point for helping Marin City students succeed. We interviewed African American students who had gone to MLK about their experiences there and about the difficulties they faced during their freshman year.

The Difference between MVMS and MLK

Length: 1:48 minutes

Sophomore Amari Allison went to MLK in 6th grade before transferring to MVMS for seventh and eighth grade. She discusses the differences between the middle schools.

Race in the Classroom and Culture at Tam

Length: 4:51 minutes

Race continues to influence students’ experiences at Tam High. We talked to African American students from Marin City about how race affects their lives both inside and outside the classroom.

The Lack of African American Teachers at Tam

Length: 1:56 minutes

The notable lack of African American teachers on Tam’s staff has long been a subject of discussion. Students discuss what having an African American teacher might be like.

Marin City Stereotypes

Length: 1:56 minutes

Black students from Marin City express frustration with stereotypes of their community.

Academic Workshop

Length: 4:35 minutes

Academic Workshop periods are small classes where students can receive additional support. Students reflect on their experiences in this class.

Transition Program

Length: 1:13 minutes

Students discuss the summer Transition program, a 2-week program that aims to help at-risk students from MLK and MVMS better adjust socially and academically to Tam.


Length: 0:35 minutes

Students talk about what it is like to have the same classmates and paired teachers for their English and social studies classes freshman and sophomore year.

Camp Everytown

Length: 2:24 minutes

Camp Everytown is a program Tam used to participate in during the 2000s. A diverse group of forty to sixty students were bussed to a camping facility in the Santa Cruz mountains where, with the guidance of counselors, they would talk about everything from racism to gender stereotypes. The program was discontinued when the Tam High Foundation withdrew its financial support.

A Conversation about Racism

Length: 8:15 minutes

Amari Allison, Kayesha Shavers and Tam News reporter Ra’Jahna’e Troupé discuss racism they experienced while growing up in Marin County. This minimally edited video provides a larger context to the videos above.


Length: 4:17 minutes