Krause Leaves Mock Trial


By Jackson Gathard

As the mock trial team enters its season seeking a 20th consecutive county championship, the team will have new coaches for the first time in nine years. English teacher Michael Krause will not resume his previous advisorship. He will be replaced by two new advisors, English teacher LoRayne Ortega and social studies teacher Michael Rawlins.

“Last year was my ninth year as the mock trial adviser,” Krause said. “I got married in April, and decided for what my wife and I wanted to be doing, I would prefer to have my nights free.”

After almost a decade of coaching, it will not be an easy split for Krause. “I am going to miss the camaraderie amongst the students,” Krause said. “They are together as a group working on this one very large and complex task until the end of March. Every year each team develops its own personality and has their own rituals and habits, but at the same time still have the same rituals and habits that have been going on since I got here.”

Mock trial co-captain Sam Allen said that Krause brought a unique voice to the cases. “Krause has always been an amazing influence in Tam High Mock Trial,” Allen said. “Krause was that objective voice whose opinion wasn’t based on the law but rather, on things such as first impressions, emotions, etc.”

Allen still looks forward to this season, “There is a part of having new coaches that is actually a good thing. We get people with a fresh perspective…so it’s useful to have that input,” Allen said.

Ortega says she is excited to work with students in a different environment. “I like being involved in student activities,” Ortega said. “It helps me get to know my students outside of the classroom, which is exciting. I get to see a side of my students that I might not otherwise see.”

“I know that the students are very motivated and that makes me want to be part of it. I know I am not going to have to be there to do a lot of management, and help kids stay on task.” Ortega said.

Seniors Allen and Russell Wirth will be leading this year’s team and will try to achieve the success of years past. “They both seem ready to take on the challenge and I’m very excited to work with them, so I’d say the challenges are minimal at best,” Ortega said.