AIM Receives New Mac Pros


By Camille Morgan

The Academy of Integrated Humanities and New Media (AIM) program recently received more than 20 of the latest Mac Pro computers. The computers were installed November 7 and will provide students with access to the latest and most functional technology. The new computers have a longer lifespan and higher quality video and audio capabilities.

Seven years ago, the District agreed to replace AIM’s computers every five years with the goal of keeping the program’s technology as current as possible. Technological issues with the former computers had been numerous the past couple years, and the addition of these computers was regarded as a much-needed update by many.

“The idea has always been that students who apply themselves over two years in AIM obtain valuable real world skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace,” AIM teacher Mike Goldstein said. “In that regard, it is essential that we stay current with our technology.”

Students like junior Tommy Searle are excited about the prospect of getting to work with the new technology. “I walked into Gold’s room one day and saw over 20 brand new Mac Pros with 27-inch monitors and was basically blown away,” Searle said. “The new Mac Pros are one of the best computers out there currently….I’m super psyched to start using them.”

“When the IT team from the District started unpacking the boxes, one student commented: ‘this is just like Christmas,” Goldstein said. “Students are grateful.”