Golden Gate Bridge to Close for Repairs


Rich Niewiroski Jr.

By Leo DiPierro

The Golden Gate Bridge will be closed for around 52 hours on January 9 through 11 for reparation purposes. With rising concerns of roadway safety, Golden Gate Bridge officials have decided to install a new movable median in the center of the bridge, which will replace the row of small individual barriers that currently are positioned in the bridge’s median. “Basically the roadway is getting smoothed out and it’s also being made stronger,” said Priya Clemens, a Golden Gate Bridge spokeswoman, in an interview with ABC7 November 8.

The sidewalks on the bridge will be open during the two-day period, and Golden Gate Transit will provide buses running on the usual weekend schedule for those that require transport. Additional transport methods such as transit from the Oakland-Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Ferry will still be active. The ferry, which has ports in Sausalito and Larkspur, will provide extended transport service during the bridge’s closure.

The California Highway Patrol and other departments will begin closing roads that lead to the Golden Gate Bridge at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, January 9 and complete closure of the bridge itself will occur at midnight Saturday, January 10.

Marin residents can expect the Highway 101 closure to occur past the Marin City-Sausalito exit, with no southbound access from Marin to the bridge.