Leadership and ASB to Hold Student Elections

By James Finn

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Leadership announced plans to hold associated student body (ASB) elections on April 3, and elections for class officials after spring break.
Elections for the position of ASB president (who possesses jurisdiction over all of Tam) were open exclusively to students who have been in leadership for a year or longer. However, other ASB positions (such as treasurer and secretary), as well as individual class offices, were open to all students who wished to run for school office.
ASB secretary junior Maddy Stoops said that Leadership encourages all students to consider running for student office. “Anyone who is interested in running for a class position, or an ASB position such as secretary or treasurer, is welcome to run,” Stoops said. “We really would like [student] campaigning to be a bigger thing than it has been in the past.”
An informational meeting meant to enlighten students for ASB elections was held on Friday, March 13 during tutorial in the student center. Applications for ASB and class offices are collected on Friday, March 20. Campaigning for ASB officials begins on March 23, and ASB elections will take place on April 3. Class elections are held after spring break.
Stoops said that Leadership hopes that this year’s elections draw more interest from Tam’s student body, both from potential officials and from other students who will have the opportunity to vote for the elected officials.
“We really encourage anyone who’s interested to run for a position,” Stoops said. “That creates more competition, and it’s [good] to have student officials who are elected and who people want as their class officials.”