Soccer Moves to Winter

By Ethan Lawrence

The girls’ and boys’ soccer seasons have officially been moved to the winter from the spring and fall for the 2015-2016 school year, opening up opportunities for soccer players to play additional sports in the fall and spring. Varsity football coach Jon Black believes it will help their team improve.

“We can always use more athletes in our program. We are especially excited to have a number of great kickers, as special teams plays are about a third of the game,” Black said. Black is excited for the season change because he says it will “allow more kids to play both sports and will give us more field time on the turf.”

Junior soccer player Riley Walls has been on varsity soccer since freshman year and will be trying out for the football team next season. Walls said that if soccer had been moved to the winter his freshman year, he and some teammates would’ve most likely played football all four years.

“I think that the athleticism on the soccer team can definitely help the football program. It’s always good when a program gains more athletes,” Walls said. “Football players can definitely help improve our team.”
Sophomore Kallie Hukari had a different opinion. “I’ve played basketball my entire life and it’s an extremely hard decision to make,” She said. “What it comes down to is how much experience I’ve had with each sport and how much time I have to handle them indivudally.” ♦