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Head Case: What Are You Giving Up to Play?

Graphic by Lucky Schulman

By Adam Tolson

October 13, 2016

Junior Trevor Lopez will never play competitive football again. Years of hard hits and gruesome blows to the head have taken their toll on Lopez, who has had a passion for the game ever since seventh grade. Up until now, football has been the centerpiece of Lopez’s life; to see it come to an end was...

Week in Pictures: Clubs

(L-R) Seniors Margaux Schumacher, Addy Ball and Brieya Moorberg recruit for BCA at Club Day.

By Features

October 5, 2016

Photos courtesy of Addy Ball

Dear Prospective Student…

Dear Prospective Student...

By Glo Robinson and Samantha Locke

September 21, 2016

Amal Hayat was a sophomore when her letter from Harvard came in the mail. “It’s [like] a muggle getting accepted into Hogwarts,” said Hayat, now a junior  about receiving a recruitment letter from her dream school, Harvard, encouraging her to apply when she was just a sophomore.  “You don...

Week in Pictures: Sports

Senior Jordan Smith cheers on his teammates in their win over Sonoma Valley.

By Ethan Swope

September 14, 2016

photos by Ethan Swope

The Lebanon Journals

The Lebanon Journals

By Elizabet Nelson

June 3, 2016

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, my grandpa Norm invited my dad to travel there with him. Norm often visits places and organizations that he raises money for on Compassion Radio, a daily radio program, and he had never taken my dad to travel with him before. Although I had no clue where Haiti was, I ...

Student Sleep Habits at Tam

May 27, 2016

by Elissa Asch Some students understand that the extra half hour they stay up on Instagram at night makes them a little drowsy the next day, but what they don't realize is that it also has the potential to shorten their life expectancy according to Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine...

Here But Not Heard

Here But Not Heard

By Danielle Egan, Danielle Egan, Danielle Egan, Danielle Egan, and Danielle Egan

May 16, 2016

While the Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club (SAGA) was working to designate new, gender-neutral bathrooms, the unaffiliated Gender Alliance Club was putting up signs on school bathrooms saying that anyone who identified as female could use the female bathrooms, and anyone who identified as male could...

It Doesn’t Add Up: Why Does 39% of Our Student Population Pay for Math Tutoring?

It Doesn't Add Up: Why Does 39% of Our Student Population Pay for Math Tutoring?

By Hannah Chorley, Willzie Connelly, and James Finn

April 27, 2016

Senior Kayla Blair describes herself as a driven student. When Blair needs academic help, she is proactive and seeks assistance from her teacher. Yet, halfway through her junior year, Blair started to fall behind in Advanced Algebra and, after attending multiple tutorial sessions with her teacher, she still...

Hearing in Color

Hearing in Color

By Franny Kiles and Blake Villanueva, Franny Kiles and Blake Villanueva, and Franny Kiles and Blake Villanueva

March 28, 2016

For Tam News reporter Morgan Pinney, the number three is green and adventurous. When paired with the wholesome, genuine number eight, it becomes 38, which has a distinct personality within her mind. Pinney, along with senior Elodie Townsend and sophomore Lexi Stern, have synesthesia,  a neurological ...

Featured Images: JSA’s Fight Apathy Assembly

California Assemblyman Levine and Senator McGuire presenting Tam's JSA with an award.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Reid.

By Marina Furbush

March 23, 2016

On March 12, members of Tam's Junior State of America club (JSA) held an assembly for Fight Apathy--a JSA campaign that aims to raise awareness about political issues among students. Both California Senator Mike McGuire and California Assemblymember Marc Levine spoke at the assembly with the opportunity...

Winter Rally Picture Gallery

Winter Rally Picture Gallery

February 28, 2016

At the Winter Rally on January 29, held in Gus Gym, the dance team and cheer squad performed, along with the Music Together program, a teacher dance team, and members of the boys' and girls' varsity basketball and soccer teams. Below are a selection of images from the rally. ...



By James Finn

February 11, 2016

Until I was 16 years old, I didn’t watch TV - my family didn’t own one. I’ve never played a video game. I didn’t know what “WiFi” was until I began high school, and I just created an Instagram account last fall as a senior. Until the end of eighth grade I attended a Waldorf school in San...