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Hoodlums and hipsters taking over Marin

By Colin Walton

October 1, 2010

They are shady, mysterious and secretive, yet loud, social and obnoxious. Whether you refer to them as the Safeway Shadies, or the San Androids, the G-Spot Hittaz, the Mill Valley Mob or whatever, they’re there. They are always there. What place is “there” you might ask? Well it’s Safeway of...

Student practices healing through the art of shamanism

Student practices healing through the art of shamanism

By Benjy Elkind

October 1, 2010

Since our ancient ancestors walked the Earth many, many years ago, people have needed a way of physically and mentally healing themselves. The oldest recorded way of doing this is known as shamanism. Shamanic practices have been dated all the way back to the Paleolithic period and have been observed by hundred...

MGMT expands their psych-pop horizons

By Hank Brown

May 5, 2010

Very few musicians go from playing hour-long jams of the “Ghostbusters” theme in college to being rocketed into psychedelic superstardom as fast as Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, otherwise known as the meat of pop sensation MGMT. Their sophomore effort, “Congratulations,” is a slightly...