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Unofficial attendance policy violates California Education Code

Unofficial attendance policy violates California Education Code

By Kennedy Cook and Lola Leuterio

June 24, 2019

The policy limits adult students to 10 self-excused absences, after which they must be excused by a parent or guardian. This is inconsistent with California Education Code 46012.

Tam’s New Attendance Enforcement

By Milo Levine

October 26, 2017

This year the administration has amped up its attendance enforcement to counter Tam’s abysmal absence and tardiness record. “Tam High [absences] are excessive … for our district [and] excessive for all high schools in California,” assistant principal Angela Gramlick said. Both excused and unexcuse...

Attendance Team Tackles Absences

Attendance Team Tackles Absences

By Samantha Locke and Elissa Asch

March 7, 2016

Assistant Principal Wendy Stratton and  a group of teachers assembled on February 26 to discuss the issue of recurring absences at Tam. “[We] established the attendance passes...the design and the funding,” Stratton said. Throughout this meeting the attendance team, which has been gathering since November,...

Johnnie Daniel LaBarre: Beyond the attendance office

Photo by: Trevor Perelson

By Julia Kligman

June 17, 2012

“Johnnie is my full [first] name. I was actually drafted in 1967 because they thought I was a boy. My father sent in a letter with a birth certificate attached to prove that I was a girl, but I still had to go to the induction center. I was the only girl there,” said attendance clerk and self-id...

Giants parade drains classes for the day

By Allie Knauer

November 19, 2010

Absences ran rampant as Tam students skipped school to attend the Giants victory parade on November 2 in San Francisco. According to the attendance office, there were over 300 recorded absences, excluding unexcused absences, and twelve substitute teachers called in the morning of the parade. Read More »...