Tam’s New Attendance Enforcement

By Milo Levine

This year the administration has amped up its attendance enforcement to counter Tam’s abysmal absence and tardiness record. “Tam High [absences] are excessive … for our district [and] excessive for all high schools in California,” assistant principal Angela Gramlick said. Both excused and unexcused truancy will be targeted as a part of the new crackdown, due to many parents calling in illegitimate excuses for their students. Administration is hoping to shift what they perceive as a relaxed culture about attendance at Tam, by discouraging students from missing class.

There has been some confusion between students and teachers as to what has actually changed with regards to the rules. “A lot of it is not new,” assistant principal David Rice said. “We’re just actually enforcing it this year.” Consequences for truancy include, but are not limited to, ineligibility for a parking permit, a lowered semester grade, or the loss of course credit.