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Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, $1,000 Scholarship

Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, $1,000 Scholarship

By Hannah Chorley

October 29, 2015

Youth volunteers can be nominated to win the Heart of Marin's "Youth Volunteer of the Year" award, which recognizes up to five middle and high school students for their commitment and contribution to a Marin nonprofit organization. Recipients of the award will each win $1,000. The winners will be announced...

Orchestra Scores Top Honors in NYC Competition

 Juniors Julian Del Castillo, Xan Harris and Dillon Schow (from left) get suited up for the competition. “I felt nervous, but prepared,” Harris said of the morning before the competition.

By Emma Talkoff and Emma Talkoff

April 5, 2013

Tam’s Symphonic Orchestra secured a Gold rating, the highest possible, and took home the coveted Adjudicator’s Trophy at the Heritage National Music Festival in New York City on March 23. Tam’s choir and orchestra have traditionally attended the annual festival, which this year hosted nearly...

The problem with the Oscars

The problem with the Oscars

By Wesley Emblidge

March 5, 2012

The Academy Awards are often regarded all over the world as the highest honor a filmmaker or actor or anyone in the film industry can be presented with. Every year, roughly 6,000 members The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vote on what they believe were the best films, performances, and other ty...