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Breakthrough Day is worth doing well

(Samantha Ferro)

By Benjy Wall-Feng

June 24, 2019

The disorganized nature of the event inhibited its ability to start a constructive conversation, and may have actually dissuaded people from listening further.

SOAR and Leadership hold 2019 Breakthrough Day

SOAR and Leadership hold 2019 Breakthrough Day

By Sam Glocker and Saranyu Nel

June 8, 2019

The original Breakthrough Day took place on February 27, 1967. This year, students in SOAR and Leadership held a series of seminars and events aimed to cultivate school-wide discussion about racism.

Breaking Through

A woman yells during the Youth Climate Strike protesting climate change in San Francisco, Friday, March 15, 2019. Thousands of students around the world protested the perceived inaction from their lawmakers in regards to climate change.

By Ian Duncanson

May 22, 2019

This is a public service announcement, made for you; the reader, the student, the teacher, the staff member, the parent. On May 22nd, 2019, Tam High will be having it’s “52nd” anniversary of Breakthrough day. The purpose is to spend two hours breaking past racial barriers and to come together a...

Editorial: Not Quite Breaking Through

Editorial: Not Quite Breaking Through

By Editorial Staff

March 13, 2019

In the summer of 2017, two former Tam students spray painted a racial epithet on the side of Wood Hall, directed at our principal J.C. Farr. While this hate crime was egregious and despicable, it provided the us with an opportunity to openly discuss the racial inequality and prejudice that exists withi...

Breaking Through Breakthrough Day

Breaking Through Breakthrough Day

February 9, 2018

In February 2017, Tam had its first ever “Breakthrough Day,” which commemorated the 50th anniversary of Operation Breakthrough, an event intended to promote racial understanding and organized by students in response to race riots on campus. Breakthrough Day admirably sought to address racial inequa...

Another Breakthrough Day in the Works

By Eddie Schultz

February 8, 2018

Another Breakthrough Day, a discussion-based event aimed at addressing racial issues in the Tam community, is currently being arranged by the Tam Unity Committee. It is tentatively scheduled for the week of February 26. Last year’s 50-year anniversary of the original Breakthrough Day recei...

Breakthrough Day

Breakthrough Day

By Megan Butt

March 10, 2017

Students participated in Breakthrough Day on February 27 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Operation Breakthrough, a student-led initiative that took place in 1967 following race riots on campus. Students and staff spent much of the day discussing issues of race in tutorial classes in addition to...

Breakthrough Day: 50 Year Anniversary

By Jacob Swergold

February 26, 2017

On February 27, 1967 Tam Students participated in a teach-in on race relations known as Operation Breakthrough . The teach-in was an attempt to alleviate racial tensions. At the time race relations were so poor that they even escalated to a race riot. As former staff member Jewel Barrow told the Tam News ...