Another Breakthrough Day in the Works

By Eddie Schultz

Another Breakthrough Day, a discussion-based event aimed at addressing racial issues in the Tam community, is currently being arranged by the Tam Unity Committee. It is tentatively scheduled for the week of February 26. Last year’s 50-year anniversary of the original Breakthrough Day received mixed reactions from the student population, prompting principal J.C. Farr to seek more student involvement this year.

“If the goal is to raise racial consciousness of our students, and engage our students in dialogue around racial issues so that students feel more comfortable having discussions, then I’m all for whatever format would lead us to that goal,” Farr said.

Some members of student leadership are working with the Black Student Union and the Students of Color club to organize a weeklong event, rather than just a one-day activity.

Above: Breakthrough Day 2017. Photo by Ethan Swope