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BREAKING: Tam Alumnus Dies in Car Crash Early Tuesday Morning

By Maddie Asch & Megan Butt

October 18, 2016

Three men, including a Tam alumnus, were killed in a car crash off of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard early on Tuesday, October 18. The driver of the vehicle, Chance Maurer, 18, and Lancelot Argall, 18, were both alumni of Drake High School. Maurer and Argall, along with Tam alumnus, Chancellor Argall,...

Two Tam Students Injured in Drunk Driving Accident

Two Tam Students Injured in Drunk Driving Accident

By Sarah Asch, James Finn & Marina Furbush

December 24, 2014

Junior Nick Goldman and senior Conor Wynne-Parry were injured in a car accident when a fellow Tam student’s car crossed the center line of Almonte Boulevard and struck Wynne-Parry’s vehicle head-on the night of December 21 near the Rosemont intersection, according to a California Highway Patrol (CHP)...

Novato High car crash felt county wide

By Carina Albizures

November 1, 2010

On September 17, five students from Novato High School were involved in a deadly suspected drunk driving car crash before the school’s lunch break. The driver came to a curve, lost control of the car, and fishtailed into a truck driver’s rig. The accident killed a junior in the car and led to...