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William Bartrug Joins Tam Staff

William Bartrug Joins Tam Staff

By Jackson Gathard

October 29, 2013

William Bartrug began teaching both Integrated Science 3/4 and Chemistry courses at Tam on October 7. After six weeks of searching, the administration has hired a replacement for Chemistry teacher Dr. Leslie Hart, after she announced an emergency leave of absence just days before school started in August. “I...

Chemistry lab mistake causes fire alarm

Image Courtesy of cbenjasuwan

By Wesley Emblidge

March 16, 2012

During seventh period on Friday, March 16, only a few minutes before school was over, the fire alarm was triggered by a student in Dr. Leslie Hart's chemistry class. The class was performing a series of chemical reaction labs, and the student ignited too much magnesium in a bunsen burner. "I saw it light...

Honors and regular classes integrate

By Katharine Hirata

September 26, 2011

This year Tamalpais High School has implemented a different method of teaching honors classes. For classes like chemistry, world history, and photography, honors and regular students are in the same class, with the teacher differentiating between the two groups by assigning different homework and tests. Principal...