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Alumni Association to Fix Tam Clock

Alumni Association to Fix Tam Clock

By Bridget Lowry

December 14, 2013

The alumni association plans to fix the Wood Hall clock tower beginning on December 20 with completion planned for January 8. The clock has not kept time for more than 50 years, and the three separate clock faces are rarely in sync. George Cagwin, president of the alumni association, believes that...

Student Center Undergoes Renovation

Student Center Undergoes Renovation

By Emma Sandrolini

September 21, 2012

Over the summer, the Student Center was renovated and equipped with new leather chairs and tables, a marble floor, and an additional vending machine. When students walked into the Student Center upon returning to school their reactions were mostly positive, despite the fact that the renovations are ...

Marsh under construction

By Camille Kaufman

October 1, 2010

Ever since the start of school, students have wondered about the trucks and bulldozers destroying the marsh near Tam’s track. “[The marsh] is being converted back to wetlands,” said Walter Alexander, one of the marsh workers. The company in charge of the construction is Steven Lafranchi and...