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Second School Shooting Threat at Redwood

By Elissa Asch

October 30, 2017

Students at Redwood High School reported graffiti that threatened a school shooting on Tuesday, October 31. This is the second school shooting threat at Redwood this month. According to an email sent out today by Principal David Sondheim, this threat will affect Redwoods's Halloween plans. "In...

Redwood Receives School Shooting Threat

By Samantha Ferro and Samantha Ferro

September 29, 2017

Graffiti threatening a school shooting was found in a bathroom at Redwood High School on September 28, according to Redwood principal David Sondheim. The threat was the second Redwood has faced this month. The first was a bomb threat on September 19, which forced the school into lockdown and an evacuation...

Redwood Receives Bomb Threat

Redwood Receives Bomb Threat

By Elissa Asch & Milo Levine

September 22, 2017

Redwood High School received a bomb threat, which was promptly followed by a schoolwide lockdown and evacuation, on the morning of September 19. Redwood principal David Sondheim sent an email to the Redwood community at 9:17 a.m. “RHS being evacuated due to bomb threat. Details will be posted soon...

Student Brings Airsoft Gun on Redwood Campus

January 20, 2017

A Redwood High school student was falsely reported to be carrying a firearm on campus on Thursday, January 19. According to an email sent by Redwood’s principal David Sondheim, The Central Marin Police Authority was contacted promptly. The police investigation concluded that the student had been in...