Redwood Receives School Shooting Threat

By Samantha Ferro and Samantha Ferro

Graffiti threatening a school shooting was found in a bathroom at Redwood High School on September 28, according to Redwood principal David Sondheim. The threat was the second Redwood has faced this month. The first was a bomb threat on September 19, which forced the school into lockdown and an evacuation. No bomb was found.

According to an email Sondheim sent to the Redwood community, Redwood’s administration is working with the Central Marin Police Authority to conduct an investigation into the threat.

“Central Marin Police Officers will be on campus all day tomorrow, administrators and campus assistants will be in the hallways all day and extra personnel from our District Office will be on campus to ensure the safety of all students and staff,” Sondheim wrote.

He also emphasized the need to start a conversation with the students about the threats, writing, “While it is unfortunate that we must deal with such circumstances, we believe this provides an opportunity to discuss with your student the serious nature of statements that threaten harm to anyone and how important it is for all of us to be vigilant, report anything unusual and closely follow the instructions of the adults on campus.”