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Tam creates captivating mural to celebrate diversity, unity

Tam creates captivating mural to celebrate diversity, unity

By Kelsey Cook, News editor June 8, 2023
“[The mural] allows all students to come together and contribute to this art piece that’s message will be carried through Tam’s community for many years to come.”
(Ethan Swope)

Leadership transitions to block period class in an effort to increase diversity

By Emily Stull September 19, 2020
Despite efforts to make the program more accessible, minority and lowerclassmen enrollment rates have dropped.
(Katharine Owen)

SMCSD presents desegregation plan

April 8, 2020
The draft plan would provide pre-K, dual-language, and after-school programs, and outlines a commitment to hiring teachers of color.


By Milo Levine June 6, 2019
Public school is for everyone. Tam’s academic programs may not be.
Editorial: We Can Do Better

Editorial: We Can Do Better

By Staff September 20, 2018

(Above) The Faces of Willow Creek is a magazine produced by Willow Creek Academy 8th graders with the help of The Tam News, in an effort to recruit a more diverse staff. The Tam News needs to do better....

Tackling Gender Norms

Tackling Gender Norms

By Skye Schoenhoeft September 20, 2018

Senior Jackie Hernandez is breaking barriers as the first female Tam football player in the school’s recent history. This is Jackie’s first year on the football team, as well as the first sport she...

Everything You Wanted to Know but Were  too Afraid to Ask: Hair Covering and Islam

Everything You Wanted to Know but Were too Afraid to Ask: Hair Covering and Islam

By Francis Streitmann June 3, 2016

Though freedom of religion is one of our country’s founding principles, this is often forgotten when discussions of foreign policy arise. Western media portrays veiled women as submissive victims, whilst...

I Belong

I Belong – Voices from Tam

By Raqshan Khan and Raqshan Khan September 10, 2015 The way people view a religion and its followers has a dramatic impact on the way people of that faith experience everyday life. Islam or Muslims are rarely...

EDITORIAL: Tam Diversified

EDITORIAL: Tam Diversified

By Tam News Staff December 23, 2014

Tam’s administration is implementing a “Big Brother/Sister” program that pairs graduated students with ninth and tenth grade students who are struggling in school and have problems with attendance....

Writing Wrongs: And the Oscar Goes to... Systemic Discrimination!

Writing Wrongs: And the Oscar Goes to… Systemic Discrimination!

By Bella Levaggi February 13, 2014

It’s pretty easy to not think about any of the politics behind something like the Academy Awards. The elegant outfits, cutthroat competition, and opening monologue are great distractions for someone...

Graphic by Cassie Jeong

The Silenced Minority: Diversifying discussions on race relations at Tam

By Cassie Jeong and Cassie Jeong March 20, 2013

ll Tam News classes recently discussed an article titled “The Authoritative Tam Dictionary: Volume One” from page 11 of our last issue. The discussion topic was whether it was racist for the white...

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