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“Elementary” Review: New Show Fails to Capture the Magic of Sherlock Holmes

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By Emma Talkoff

December 3, 2012

"Elementary," CBS’s take on the modern-day Holmes theme mastered by Britain’s wildly popular "Sherlock," premiered September 27 as the latest in a series of adaptations of the original stories dating back almost as far as the characters themselves. Currently seven episodes into its 24 episode season,...

In Defense of Letter Writing

In Defense of Letter Writing

By Emma Boczek

November 3, 2012

The most tragic casualty of the rise of the digital age is, without question, written correspondence. I don’t mean emailing, that oh-so-handy virtual mailbox. I mean snail mail, or slip-into-the-locker letters; something that requires giving someone your full attention in their absence. The convenience...

Italian Exchange Students Travel to Tam

Italian exchange students Chiara Messetti and Veronica Vanin (from the left) come to America to explore new opportunities.

By Emma Boczek

September 26, 2012

Italian exchange students Chiara Messetti and Veronica Vanin are adjusting to an unfamiliar lifestyle, settling in for their 10-month stay with their host families. They represent one of several nations with exchange students getting a first taste of the U.S. at Tam, surrounded by unfamiliar people,...

“The Drowned Cities”: a much needed sci-fi thriller

By Emma Talkoff

June 4, 2012

For anyone still mired in the world of “The Hunger Games,” this latest young adult offering from celebrated sci-fi author Paolo Bacigalupi is sure to at least temporarily fill the void. As seems to be the trend with current YA novels, “The Drowned Cities” focuses on the exploits of a pair of down...