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Flag on the Play

Flag on the Play

By Max Goldberg

December 14, 2018

With contributions by Lukas Affeltranger and Cooper Carroll representing the Tam High Football Team Tam High Football was shocked to read a Tam News article that made unfounded assertions, stating the football team perpetuates misogyny and discourages members of the Tam community from participating solely...

Girls can have Balls Too

Girls can have Balls Too

October 17, 2018

Football. That is what it is called when men play it. Powder Puff is what it’s called when women play it, because god forbid women are taken seriously enough to play a sport that is technically co-ed. First, as a female athlete, as a teenager, and as a student at this school, I find it completely i...

Yes, Girls Can Kill People Too

By Sonja Hutson

May 21, 2013

The actors brutally stabbed Caesar on the steps of the courthouse, using red ribbons to symbolize blood. Their betrayal rang out through the theater and red ribbons were flying everywhere- it was a fantastic spectacle. Until I heard a gasp and a disgusted “They’re girls!” from a few rows behind...