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Friendly foreigners at Tam

Beatrice Biagini, Paul Furstenwerth, and Jeanne Cassiers.

By Sophie McGuinness

May 21, 2012

  Beatrice Biagini, Jeanne Cassiers, and Paul Fürstenwerth left their families almost one year ago to experience America at Tam High. They arrived with rudimentary English, minimal electronic acquaintance with their host families, no school friends and high expectations. As their last names m...

Spanish exchange students visit Tam

By Emma Sandrolini

September 26, 2011

Spanish exchange students arrived on August 27, as part of a new exchange program. French teacher Brian Zailian put together the program, which also sends Spanish teacher Cheryl Mochalski to Pamplona, Spain, in the spring. “It occurred to me that there should be a Spanish exchange program, since...