Spanish exchange students visit Tam

By Emma Sandrolini

Spanish exchange students arrived on August 27, as part of a new exchange program.

French teacher Brian Zailian put together the program, which also sends Spanish teacher Cheryl Mochalski to Pamplona, Spain, in the spring.

“It occurred to me that there should be a Spanish exchange program, since the French exchange program has been so successful. I wanted the Spanish students to have the same experience that the French students get each year,” said Zailian.

From August 27 through September 14, Spaniards from Pamplona experienced the California lifestyle.

The exchange students visited places including San Francisco. When not sightseeing, the students came to school with their host students.

When asked if Tam is easy, an exchange student, Pablo Unzue, said, “The teachers are not as strict and they’re easier to talk to [than in Spain].”

“I think it was cool how [the Spaniards in my classes] wrote on the board with us, and they knew a lot of the material we are learning,” said junior Evie Davis.

“They were a bit distracting in my class, but at the same time I could practice my Spanish with them and learn from them,” said junior Elyse Fischground.

There will be sign-ups in December for students to host next year’s Spanish exchange students in August 2012 and travel to Spain in the spring of 2013.

“This is uniquely offered at Tam High, and I think it is very successful in teaching the students either French or Spanish in a more interesting and active way and I’m glad the word is out there about it,” said Zailian.

Written by Emma Sandrolini. This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue.