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Featured Photos: April is Sexual Harassment Awareness Month

Featured Photos: April is Sexual Harassment Awareness Month
By Kennedy Cook and Michael Diamandakis April 25, 2018

Peer Resource raised awareness for sexual harassment awareness month by chalking simple messages across campus. Some messages include: "If it's unwanted, it's harassment," "April is sexual...

Featured Photo: Stall Art

Featured Photo: Stall Art
By Kennedy Cook November 6, 2017

On November 6, 2017 this graffiti art was found on the stall of the student center's woman's bathroom. This art will most likely be removed by custodial staff,  so, for posterity, our very own Kennedy...

Student Sleep Habits at Tam

May 27, 2016

by Elissa Asch Some students understand that the extra half hour they stay up on Instagram at night makes them a little drowsy the next day, but what they don't realize is that it also has the potential...

Vince Lars: Saxaphonist to the Stars

By Franny Kiles December 10, 2015

Vince Lars has been a beloved guest artist in the Tam jazz band and symphonic orchestra for nearly seven years, but his time spent in the Tam music community is just a snippet of his life as a musician....

Artists of the Issue: Student Journals

Art by Kate Schlough
By Emma Talkoff December 21, 2013

Senior Grace Lightner keeps four sketchbooks, each for a minutely different purpose. “This one is more words and song lyrics,” Lightner said of the notebook pictured at right, which she uses mainly...

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