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An Adult Gym Goer’s Guide to Dealing with Physically Fit Teenagers

An Adult Gym Goer's Guide to Dealing with Physically Fit Teenagers

By Max Goldberg, Website Editor

February 7, 2019

Teenagers can’t seem to do anything right. Their small, underdeveloped brains prevent them from driving well, speaking rationally, turning down the music after you ask them to, and, apparently, exercising. That’s right. Teenagers are a nuisance in the weight room, and the workout routine you lea...

How to Become a Woman

How to Become a Woman

By Emily Pavis, Mary Overton

May 4, 2017

Prom is the one high school dance that marks the transition of a young girl into what it means to be a woman. This year, prom will be on May 20th, but in order to meet the necessary expectations of this remarkable evening, girls, we should start preparing a year in advance. It’s never too early! We...

A.P. Physical Education

A.P. Physical Education

By Hans Piotter

November 18, 2014

Clang! The weights fell back on the rack. I had just finished my last repetition on the bench press and was now going to move on to working a new muscle group. The cool thing is, this was a class. Known as Weight Training, this class is technically advanced PE, meaning you must have completed two years...