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A.P. Physical Education

A.P. Physical Education

By Hans Piotter

November 18, 2014

Clang! The weights fell back on the rack. I had just finished my last repetition on the bench press and was now going to move on to working a new muscle group. The cool thing is, this was a class. Known as Weight Training, this class is technically advanced PE, meaning you must have completed two years...

Heroes Among Us: On Call with Search and Rescue

TO THE RESCUE: Due to the rocky terrain in which hikers are often lost or injured, SAR teams use specialized equipment on missions. Photo courtesy of: Rich Shelton

By Riley Kuffner and Nate Vogel

December 5, 2013

It was the middle of winter and members of the Marin Search and Rescue (SAR) team treaded through the Mammoth Lakes backcountry, knee deep in snow. Junior Sean McGuinness took part in this training simulation required to maintain his certification with the Mountain Rescue Association. In addition to the tit...