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‘Tis the sneezin’

(Isabella Faillace)

By Samantha Nichols

December 12, 2019

As the hight of the winter season approaches, it brings colds with it. Here is some simple etiquette and tips to get you through safe and sound.

Keeping it Clean

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By Ephets Head

January 27, 2019

No matter if you eat meat or not and no matter what your reasons this solution could drastically benefit your health and the environment. Tam and Marin as a whole is a healthy and moral conscious population. A substantial amount of students are vegetarians or vegans. Furthermore, while many Marin...

A Diabetic’s Halloween

A Diabetic's Halloween

By Max Goldberg, Website Editor

October 18, 2018

When you have Diabetes, life finds a way to remind you every day that you have to deal with Diabetes. And me having it is not as much a tragedy as it is just annoying. On my flight home from Taiwan, when I was casually injecting myself with insulin so I could eat, the flight attendant asked if I cou...

Getting Ed-Juul-Cated

Getting Ed-Juul-Cated

By Hana Curphey, Additional Reporting by Evan Wilch

February 14, 2018

Sophomore Lily was in history class when the student sitting next to her started Juuling. “The teacher turned around and started talking to me right after he took a hit, so he had it in his lungs,” Lily said. “He wasn’t wearing any sort of shirt [to exhale vapor into]. After the teacher walks...

Sleep Well: Later School Start Times & Student Health

Sleep Well: Later School Start Times & Student Health

By Nick Goldman

February 7, 2015

Most students would agree that the least productive part of their school day is the first forty minutes of their first class of the day. This feeling of lethargy makes student question why they would have a short period on Monday morning or why school doesn't start later every day. School should start...

Letter to the editor: Is wireless the new lead paint?

Graphic by Emma Talkoff.

By Lisa Miller

December 8, 2011

Dear Tam News, I have been suffering from migraine headaches that began shortly after a wireless utility “SmartMeter” was installed on my home in the fall of 2010 by PG&E. I saw many doctors, had many tests, tried medications, and kept a headache journal examining every variable in my life to try to fin...

Direct Light Leaves Weary Counting Sheep

Direct Light Leaves Weary Counting Sheep

February 14, 2011

It’s 11 p.m. on a school night: your breath is minty fresh, you’ve stripped down to your onesie, and the warmth of down feathers engulfs you.  However, your head is not quite enticed by the pillow yet.  Many hours of straining your mind has put you on edge and you need a way to relive the st...

Food for thought may improve your brain power

February 7, 2011

Whether you’re looking to get superior marks on an upcoming SAT, or you’re a senior looking to keep your grades up with as little studying as possible, eating certain foods could be the key to success. There are lots of vitamins and nutrients that can help improve memory and brain function, but here...