The Wellness Center

Your next visit on campus.


By Shaina Mandala

Nestled in a secret corner at the end of an unassuming hall is the Tamalpais High School Wellness Center. It provides a multitude of services and products, but many students are unaware of the extent and possibly even of its existence. 

“The vibe is pretty chill. It is painted a soft color, has cozy places to sit, weighted blankets, sand trays, books, squishies, fidgets, and lovely natural light,” Wellness Center coordinator Yvonne Milham said. “Students come for many reasons; to get some tea, water, period products, to take a minute to breathe, to talk with someone, to get support for a panic attack or a relational issue, to make a sexual health clinic appointment, to grab a mint or some lotion. There are so many reasons students come to Wellness.”

The welcoming staff and environment can be helpful for students who need a break in their school day, mentally or physically. While also just being a nice place to relax, the Wellness Center offers all kinds of help to students dealing with a wide range of issues. 

“We provide mental health, substance use/misuse and sexual health services. Students can receive a check in, one on one counseling, substance use counseling, education, and sexual health support,” Milham said. 

Along with extensive services, the Wellness Center provides a small grab-and-go cart full of basic essentials that students can use throughout the day. 

“[There are] period products (pads/tampons/liners), hair bands, bandaids, lotion, mints, mini chapsticks, mini deodorant, hand sanitizer,” Milham said. 

Students who do know about the Wellness Center and all its services tend to stop by often, utilizing the provided resources. 

A student, who will remain anonymous for privacy reasons, said,“I always feel welcome [at the Wellness Center], whether I’m grabbing a bandaid or attending the sexual health clinic.” ♦