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Digital Damage

By Naomi Lenchner December 13, 2021
Who knew connecting the world would bring it to the brink of destruction.
(Tahlia Amanson)


By Tristan Regenold November 9, 2020
In the last two months, there have been multiple Instagram accounts developed surrounding the homophobia, racism, and sexual harassment experienced at Tam @lgbtattam was specifically created as “a space for LGBTQ+ students and alumni of Tam High School to share their experiences with homophobia and transphobia.”
(Tenaya Tremp)

How to: Instagram

By Jessica Bukowski March 15, 2020
Advice from an expert on how to curate your Instagram for a certified artsy theme.
(Tenaya Tremp)

Stop doing it for the Gram

By Luke Rasake March 9, 2020
Why you should stop being an instagram photographer.
Humans of Tam: Social Media Doesnt Hurt

Humans of Tam: Social Media Doesn’t Hurt

December 11, 2018

Okay.   I would say that social media is underutilized. I feel like a lot of kids nowadays just use it for posting pictures of themselves Juuling, or vaping, or drinking with friends, just...

The Modern Addiction to Cell Phones

The Modern Addiction to Cell Phones

By Ryan Leake and Ryan Leake June 2, 2017

I wish I grew up 30 years ago. Not because I want 50-cent Coca-Colas, or because I want to watch Larry Bird go up against Magic Johnson (though that would be a plus), or even because I wouldn’t have...

Life Model Sketching in the Tam Art Program

By Ephets Head March 18, 2017

Drawing live models is somewhat of a standard landmark in an artist’s education, but often the experience is romanticized and exaggerated for entertainment purposes by Hollywood and in movies. When the...

Why I Refuse to Have an Instagram

Why I Refuse to Have an Instagram

By Glo Robinson January 12, 2017

I’ve always been rather antiquated when it comes to social media, not completely enthusiastic about broadcasting the details of my life to the world. I try to make my use of social media rather effortless;...

The Obsession with Social Media

The Obsession with Social Media

By Megan Butt February 14, 2015

Senior Russell Wirth looked down at his phone which displayed a photo he had just posted on Instagram. The photo showed Wirth and his family river rafting on vacation, and he had decided to share it so...



By Camille Morgan November 21, 2014

iPhony Friends: “Smart” Phones Are Making You Socially Dumb

By Jordan Blackburn May 20, 2013

Here’s a fun new game (or social experiment, depending on your point of view): count the number of people with smartphones in a crowd. At Tam, this won’t be too hard to do. This diversion has become...

Facebook buys Instagram

Facebook buys Instagram

By Anna Vandergriff May 21, 2012

Facebook bought Instagram on April 9 for roughly $1 billion, according to the "New York Times." Instagram, a free photo-sharing network based in San Francisco, allows you to take pictures on your smartphone...

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