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By Jordan Cushner April 25, 2021
“It’s going to sound funny, but when I was really restricting what I was eating and overexercising it felt good ... And then there was a point where that slipped … I started to notice I was seeing stars all the time and in the shower my hair was coming out in my hands and I was like f*ck this is doing me no good"
(Courtesy of Sandra Pierson)

Woodward Fire prompts Bolinas evacuation order

By Jordan Cushner September 17, 2020
Several Tam students from Bolinas were evacuated due to the fire threat and returned home safely a week later.
(From left: Courtesy of Leslie Owen, Anne Elisco-Lemme, Grant Jarrett, and Jon Cronander)

Spring sports season canceled

By Jordan Cushner and Jessica Bukowski April 13, 2020
Spring sectional, regional, and state championship events have also been canceled as a result of the coronavirus.
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Review: Peets, Starbucks, and Equator

By Jordan Cushner February 7, 2020
Which of three local restaurants has the best coffee and scones?
Junior Tomo Sharber competes in a cross country meet. (Courtesy of Michael Sharber)


By Jordan Cushner October 9, 2019
With a sub-five-minute mile time and a top 30 ranking in the state of California, junior Tomo Sharber has his sights set high.
Santa Baby

Santa Baby

December 13, 2018

The majority of the Tam community loves Santa. I mean, who isn’t charmed by the idea of an overweight old man delivering free presents to you? Because Christmas is unequivocally great, and Santa is undoubtedly...

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