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District Experiences Staff and Board Turnover

District Experiences Staff and Board Turnover

By Marina Furbush

June 5, 2015

Next school year will see a lot of turnover in district administration,.Superintendent Laurie Kimbrel and Assistant Superintendent of Education and Human Resources Michael McDowell will leave the district June 30, and Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Facilities Lori Parrish also retired April...

Smarter Balance Test Cancelled

Smarter Balance Test Cancelled

By Holly Parkin

April 22, 2014

According to an email sent to faculty by the Tam administration on April 1, the Smarter Balance testing pilot will no longer take place this spring. As previously reported, there will also be no special STAR test schedule this year. Sophomores are scheduled to take only the science STAR test during the...

Crowd Chanting at Basketball Games: Too Far?

By Devon Stoeber

April 7, 2013

At a professional basketball game, it is not unusual to hear the home team’s fans shout and cheer throughout the game to pump up their team while attempting to discourage their opponents. At a high school game, however, chanting things such as “He’s a virgin!” whenever a player shoots free throws,...

Back Parking Lot Restrictions Changed

By Jackson Twilling

November 26, 2012

Seniors who drive to school were surprised to learn that for the 2012-13 school year, the carpool requirement that limited access to the back parking lot (BPL) in years past has been revised by the administration. “In a nutshell, all seniors who fill out parking permit forms are issued permits....