Smarter Balance Test Cancelled


By Holly Parkin

According to an email sent to faculty by the Tam administration on April 1, the Smarter Balance testing pilot will no longer take place this spring. As previously reported, there will also be no special STAR test schedule this year. Sophomores are scheduled to take only the science STAR test during the week of April 21-25 in their Integrated Science 3-4 classes.

“The only school taking [the Smarter Balance test] is Drake and their scores will not be shared with any other school,” Assistant Principal Kim Stiffler said. Stiffler also noted that Tam is slated to participate in the Smarter Balance Test in 2015.

The email reported that freshmen and juniors will participate in the California Healthy Kids Survey this year, also during the week of April 21-25. Juniors will take the survey in their Social Studies classes, and freshmen will take it in their English 1-2 articles.