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Advisory Olympics

Advisory Olympics

By Lauren Felder May 25, 2023
“[Advisory Olympics] was a lot of fun. Our entire team was really into it and it was just a fun experience. At the end everyone got popsicles and it was just an overall amazing experience so I’m really glad I went.”

TUPE at Tam

By Lauren Felder February 16, 2023
“I think TUPE is an important program at Tam because students have access to these types of products earlier and earlier, so it’s important to be able to inform them about the consequences it can have on them … people don’t really think about the long term. ”
photo courtesy of OpenAI

AI Artwork

By Lauren Felder February 2, 2023
The creation of accessible artificial intelligence has lead to the question: what truly qualifies as art?
(Emily Stull)

The Reality of Consumerism

By Lauren Felder December 13, 2021
A venture into consumerism and the role it plays on the international climate crisis, through examining fast fashion, water, and agricultural industries.
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