Advisory Olympics


By Lauren Felder

Bringing together over 400 students, Tamalpais High School’s Advisory Olympics took place during tutorial on Wednesday, April 26. One of the most anticipated advisory events, Link Leaders enrolled in the Link Crew zero period spent every class for weeks planning each station, allocating enough time for every game, and creating a suitable scoring system. The class decided on five events: pictionary, tug-of-war, an obstacle course, jeopardy, and a potato sack race.

“It was so awesome to see the class of ‘26 all together. I just love their energy,” English teacher and head of Link Crew Abigail Levine said. “It was really fun to see them getting competitive and see students who normally don’t seem to have a lot of fun out there doing awesome things.”

After the 20 tutorial teams rotated through every station, all freshmen and Link Leaders were offered popsicles. Coming in first place, Arielle Lehmann’s tutorial can expect a class party sometime soon. With scores close behind, Nygaard and Parish tutorial classes will also be rewarded with a party for their freshmen. 

“It was an outstanding teamwork and bonding experience. I remember it last year having the same effect with everyone getting together. Even those who sit on the sidelines still come together at certain points so I’m a huge fan,” applied tech and advisory teacher Peter Parish said.