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GSA advocates for gender neutral changing rooms

By Caden Bernstein-Lawler February 16, 2023
The GSA co-presidents said they hope to take more active steps in making the campus a safer space for LGBTQ+ students.

Tamalpais High School’s gender and sexuality alliance

By Caden Bernstein-Lawler February 2, 2023
“It's nice because people can feel like themselves there, they don't feel like hiding this part of their identity, and it's a way for people to just open up and feel secure that they're not going to be judged.”
(Emily Stull)

An Outcast Among Outcasts

By Emily Stull April 19, 2022
"I am bisexual, and I shouldn’t have to prove that to a straight person, much less a person in the queer community."
(Mikyla Williams)

Out of the Binary

By Kennedy Enlowsmith March 29, 2022
Every non-binary person at Tam has a different experience with gender. ​​For some, changing pronouns, changing names, and clothing style are important for them, and for others, there is no desire to change anything at all.
(Tahlia Amanson)


By Tristan Regenold November 9, 2020
In the last two months, there have been multiple Instagram accounts developed surrounding the homophobia, racism, and sexual harassment experienced at Tam @lgbtattam was specifically created as “a space for LGBTQ+ students and alumni of Tam High School to share their experiences with homophobia and transphobia.”
(Sophia Martin)

Can I say the “f-word”?

By Skye Schoenhoeft February 7, 2020
Navigating the reclamation of identity slurs.
Diaries of a Bisexual

Diaries of a Bisexual

December 6, 2018

My best friend and I are lying in the dark, buried in covers and playing a classic sleepover game: Bed Wed Behead. We’ve known each other for seven years, but only in the past couple of months have I...

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Outed Every Day

By Skye Schoenhoeft September 24, 2018

With additional reporting by Sam Schnee     Most of us don’t like putting our phones in the caddy every time we walk into class. It’s definitely annoying, but for most it’s nothing...

Something Worth Fighting For: San Rafael High’s Homecoming Embraces Change

Something Worth Fighting For: San Rafael High’s Homecoming Embraces Change

By Emma Talkoff October 30, 2013

San Rafael High School senior Tenaya Raives took the stage in front of an audience of cheering classmates at the school’s Homecoming game on October 4, the last of 12 formally dressed Homecoming court...

Graphic by: Cassie Jeong

In Defense of Alphabet Soup

By Bella Levaggi October 29, 2013

A lot of today’s social and cultural hot button issues can seem hopelessly mired in a maze of terminology. To an outsider, there seems to be a million specifics to keep track of, and it can get confusing...

The Wrong Kind of Ally

The Wrong Kind of Ally

By Mae Puckett June 11, 2013

If there’s one thing any queer teenager wants, it is support. We are coming out in a world dominated by straight people, and the last thing we want is to be alienated and isolated in a world that was...

Graphic by: Cassie Jeong

The Modern Misconception

By Bella Levaggi June 1, 2013

When ABC’s “Modern Family” came on the air in 2009, it was hailed by many, including myself, as both hilarious and a pioneer of sorts. Chronicling the “modern” American family, the program documents...

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