The Tam News

Christmas Shopping

December 13, 2010

Think about walking into a store, there is Christmas music playing and shelves full of Santa Clauses and miniature Christmas trees. Jingle Bells plays overhead. Red and green lights blink out at you from various places. There is only one weird thing about this - its October. In the words of Senior Tae...

Girls tennis advances in NCS semi-finals

November 9, 2010

EYE ON THE BALL: Liza Brusman prepares to return a rally against Redwood. Photo by: Lorna McGuiness Varsity girls tennis prevails over Head-Royce in the NCS division II semi-finals with a score of 5-0 on November 9. Two games were rained out, but in the end the girls battled through a small rainfall to a win. The overall score for Tam is now 19-5. Head...

Freshman orientation hellish to helpful

By Lorna McGinnis

September 1, 2010

Freshmen had mixed feelings about Tam’s orientation on Friday, August 13. Freshman Victoria Holland said, “I figuratively escaped out the window. They almost dragged me to hell; they almost dragged me into the games at the beginning of orientation.” She also mentioned a statement made by...