Girls tennis advances in NCS semi-finals

EYE ON THE BALL: Liza Brusman prepares to return a rally against Redwood. Photo by: Lorna McGuiness

Varsity girls tennis prevails over Head-Royce in the NCS division II semi-finals with a score of 5-0 on November 9.

Two games were rained out, but in the end the girls battled through a small rainfall to a win. The overall score for Tam is now 19-5. Head-Royce now has a score of 15-2.

The tennis team agree’s that the overall season was a success. Coach Bill Washauer stated that they had a good season he then said, “The key to having a good season is winning all the matches you can or should have won.”

Team captain Zoe Arthur said, “We’re like a family. You can talk to anyone on the tennis team.” Anderson agrees, “I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s a good way to meet new people. Kind of like a family.” The tennis team currently has five captains, senior Zoe Arthur, senior Tai-lan Hirabayashi, senior Alex Goldstein, junior Liza Brusman, and senior Esse Weiner. Weiner, said “I’ll be really sad to leave the team. I wish I had been on it all four years.”

The tennis team has shown lots of spirit in playing their competitors. Captain Liza Brusman said, “ we’ve done really good at fighting in the close matches.”

Freshman Mikaila Smith said, “We work really hard.” Junior Mia Anderson said, “people think its [tennis is] really easy but its not easy it takes a lot of practice.”

When asked what the tennis team could do to improve their game, Smith said, “Mixing in the fun and the working part at the same time.”

Senior Captain Tai-lan Hirabayashi said, “We could have better communication.” She commented that it was hard to bring in incoming freshmen. However she also said, “We’ve got great incoming freshmen.”

Though faced with rain, the girls varsity tennis team has conquered so far in their post-season adventure. Hopes are high and bonds are strong as the team continues to fight for an NCS title.

Written by Lorna McGinnis. This article originally appeared in the December 2010 issue.