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Conservatives in Marin

By Naomi Lenchner November 27, 2020
With 82.5 percent of Marin County residents voting for Joseph R. Biden in this November's election, let's look into the 17.5 percent who voted the other way.
(Courtesy of Tam High Leadership)

An ode to the class of 2020

By Chloe Gammon May 26, 2020
Over the past four years, we have felt the unique historical significance of our high school experience.
(Courtesy of Kylie Frame)

Kylie Frame: The face behind Feed the Frontlines Marin

By Emily Stull May 19, 2020
Frame's nonprofit organization raises money to purchase meals from local businesses and donates those meals to essential workers in the area.


By Griffin Chen, Features Editor March 17, 2019
California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150. When a person as a result of a mental health disorder is a danger to others or to themselves, a peace officer, or professional person designated by the county, may take the person into custody for a period of up to 72 hours for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention.


By Logan Little December 13, 2018

No place is immune to climate change—and sea level rise is quickly bringing its effects to Marin It was an early overcast morning on December 3, 2014 and Mill Valley was gridlocked. Following a major...

Too Many Private Tutors?

Too Many Private Tutors?

October 16, 2018

We live in a community where being the best is less of an option and rather a requirement, a mindset. Conversations can be overheard of parents normalizing the use of unprescribed adderall or students...

Lets Keep the Day Short and Sweet

Let’s Keep the Day Short and Sweet

By Saranyu Nel October 11, 2018

For a handful of months now Tam has entertained the idea of a new bell schedule. The genesis first came from wanting a later start time for students due to health benefits. However, once teachers, students,...

Local Lifestyles

Local Lifestyles

By Jacob Swergold March 13, 2018

When I look back at my childhood, my best memories were created outdoors. At a young age, I remember biking around Mill Valley in search of adventure. From stick ball games at Boyle Park to exploring the...

Fresh Frosh Fashion

Fresh Frosh Fashion

By Dara Noonan January 26, 2018

Trends are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up, in case you feel that you are left behind I want to keep you updated on some recent trends at Tam. Let’s begin with the must-have item of...

Marins Obsession with Dogs

Marin’s Obsession with Dogs

By Emily Spears October 17, 2017

Why is it that people LOVE dogs so much?  I was wondering this the other day as I snuggled with my 1-year-old puppy named Cleo (who I guess isn’t really a puppy anymore). Is it the way they bark and...

Tam High Mountain Bike Team Wins NorCal D1 at Petaluma

Tam High Mountain Bike Team Wins NorCal D1 at Petaluma

By Calvin Rosevear May 2, 2016

The Tam High mountain bike team came in first place out of NorCal Division one teams in their fourth race of the year on April 23. The race was the nearest to Tam, in Petaluma, and many team podiums (top...

Athlete of the Issue: Jaiana Harris (Varsity Basketball Player & Rising Rapper)

Athlete of the Issue: Jaiana Harris (Varsity Basketball Player & Rising Rapper)

By Misha Krivoruchko and Misha Krivoruchko December 14, 2015

It has only been a few weeks since junior Jaiana Harris transferred to Tam from Redwood, and she is already having an effect on school culture. She is a captain of the girls varsity basketball team and...

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