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Drake Site Leadership Council moves to implement name change

Image has been edited for artistic affect. (Henry Hoelter)
By Paige Anderson September 27, 2020
The new name is expected to be finalized by December. In the meantime, the high school has been temporarily renamed High School 1327.

Editorial: Use Your Voice and Vote

(Jessica Bukowski)
By Editorial Staff September 23, 2020
We implore you to vote for both local and national measures.

Board reinstates assistant superintendent position

Dr. Kimberlee Armstrong will assume the position of assistant superintendent on July 1. (Courtesy of Kimberlee Armstrong)
By Ronan Grele May 22, 2020
The position will be filled by Dr. Kimberlee Armstrong, previously the Head of Equity and Public Relations for the Edmonds High School District in Northern Washington.

Board approves $1.4 million in programming cuts

District board members Dan Oppenheim, Cynthia Roenisch, and Kevin Saavedra. (Ethan Swope)
By Samantha Nichols May 6, 2020
The cuts include a one-year suspension of the Team program, an indefinite suspension of the teacher leader program, and removal of several release periods, including those for Leadership, Global Studies, and journalism. 

Measure B fails, plunging district into $3 million deficit

District CFO Corbett Elsen presents the district's second interim budget report, which proposes cuts to Team, the Global Studies program, and journalism. (Ethan Swope)
By Benjy Wall-Feng March 15, 2020
At least 200 students, teachers, and parents attended the board meeting on March 10, where the board of trustees discussed the $1.4 million in proposed cuts.

Editorial: Save our schools

(Tenaya Tremp)
By Editorial Staff March 12, 2020
Measure B failed, and our district is facing drastic cuts. We can't let that happen again.

Editorial: Save The Tam News

(The Tam News)
By Editorial Staff March 8, 2020
The district’s proposed cuts would eliminate the print edition and crater the publication’s quality.

TUHSD proposes second parcel tax to stabilize budget

(Johanna Meezan)
By Logan Little February 7, 2020
Measure B would replace a prior district parcel tax, Measure J, and raise the district $23 million dollars annually for a maximum of 10 years.
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